On Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day should be everyday if you’re in a relationship. 

My husband & I are firm believers in keeping L-O-V-E alive by nurturing it daily. We strive hard to place God at the center of our marriage, and even though some days it’s not easy, the most important thing is we ‘both’ keep trying.

This week, my husband & I were practicing making desserts for Valentine’s day.  He loves cooking, while I’m more the creative type who likes to decorate them …. we work well together!  Below are the sweets we made, which we’ll also be making on V-day!  Hope we can inspire you to show someone…that you LOVE them….whether you have a husband, wife, bf or gf…or you’re single.

Remember….love comes in many forms.  Have a Happy Valentine’s Day.

Above: a bouquet of flowers I brought home – couldn’t resist!
Below: The newest Love print in Blush pink+gold – gorgeous! Available in my Made By Girl shop.

Below: Chocolate cupcake with butter cream frosting & a side of pink cotton candy, don’t forget the conversation hearts!

Enjoy a good LOVE LETTER? I do! In fact, my husband STILL leaves notes & LOVE letters for me even after many years together.  Paying attention to the small meaningful things is key.  
In 2013 I created an online magazine devoted to Love Letters, where several blogger shared their favorites. I shared one my husband wrote me, you can see a peek below. See the entire letter & more in the online magazine here
I’m sure you’ll LOVE it!


Below: chocolate cupcakes with butter cream frosting & conversation hearts – yum!

below: Chocolate heart ice-cream sandwich? Sure, why not?

Below: one of the many Pink Ombre original paintings I painted for clients – great reminder to LOVE.

-all images by jen ramos