Available Art

The collections below represent my current available art paintings, but new ones will come on line regularly. Join my mailing list to get notified of new collections, or if you’re interested in a special piece, inquire about a commission.

Addicted to Sunset

This collection was inspired after moving into my new apartment on a pretty high floor. I didn’t expect to see the most amazing sunsets, but that’s what happened. It inspired me to paint these 20″x20″ pieces which are currently the smallest in my collection. In this series, I decided to capture these colors on canvas.  Each painting is like a mini-sunset bringing a sense of peace & tranquility to any space.


This series is very personal to me. It was inspired by the many challenges I’ve faced in health & love. It tells a story about the moments we go through in our lives. The squares resembling days on a calendar filled with goals & dreams, but not always going the way we plan. Some days the ground gives way under our feet & our lives completely change. Taking us through painful moments, where we feel defeated and stuck. But if we look closely, obstacles can eventually lead us to opportunities.

What I Didn't Tell You

Where We Meet Hope

I envisioned this collection as an expression of hopeful moments, something where a spark – a chance meeting, an unexpected event, an anticipation – allows us to have hope.

Better Days

This collection recaptures the playful & happy moments in our lives. A return to the simplicity of childhood & to the moments that made our innocence. Inspired by the Jacks game. The collection is larger scale, perfect for rooms that need a fun lift of color.

What I Didn't Tell You

Other Available Works

Paintings from older collections that are currently available.

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An artist’s life is a long path, marked by events and things that shape us. The collection of over 1000 paintings I’ve made and sold over the last 10 years reflects that journey. Many styles have come and gone, some which I don’t paint any longer but please feel free to look through some of those that have helped create who I am as an artist today.